Spiderman Bull hits the dirt. (pending World Record Bull Elk)

Okay it seems to be official the Spiderman Bull or Spider, Spidey, Spidy, is dead.

After several months of hunters chasing this true Utah Monster, it’s officially over.

Some don’t care, some are glad it’s over and some are elated.

This true Utah legend over the past few months is rumored to be the new world Record with an un-official score of an amazing 500 4/8.

Guided my Mossback and hunter was Utah’s Governor Tag holder Denny Austad of Idaho.
This would shatter the current world record if my assumptions are correct.

This bull is said to have about 9-14 points on each side and and amazing 377″ frame, 123″ of extra’s.


Here are the stats on the current world record.


SCORE: 465 2/8
LOCATION: Upper Arrow Lake, BC
HUNTER: Picked Up
OWNER: B.C. Environment
DATE: 1994

Length of main beam: Right 49 2/8 – Left 46 3/8
Inside spread: 51 1/8
Circ. of smallest place between 1st & 2nd points: Right 8 5/8 – Left 8 6/8
Number of ponts: Right 9 – Left 11