Hunt Expo Report – Salt Lake City, Utah (Jan. 20th, 2007)

Just got back from the Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah

How many of you guys went to the show??

So my OVERALL impression of the show was actually VERY GOOD!!

I was REALLY impressed with how smooth it all seemed to run and how well it was all put together. I had read online and was somewhat discouraged by what I read…(mostly negative comments)

I’d say the show was SWEET! I was amazed at how COOL everyones booths looked and mesmerized by all the cool taxidermy and big game mounts.

Fantastic job to all who where involved! I thought it was a huge success overall and this will probably spring board to even better in the coming years.

I tried to take TONS of pictures for those of YOU, who couldn’t make the show and hopefully this will give you a taste of what happened.

I applied for 9 different tags and have my brothers apply for a couple and my dad for a few also.

Wandering around for several hours on Saturday, which was of course the busiest day.

Tons of guides/outiftters, amazing mounts of all kinds, amazing artists, painters, sculptures, jewelry, clothing, videos, etc.

The only thing that would have been funner was to have more smaller contests for prizes or shooting contests etc.

Mossback and MuleyCrazy had amazing displays etc. etc. etc.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for looking!

mossback.jpgMuleycrazy mountsmule deer mountEntrance mountExpo Entrance

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