322″ Arizona Strip Buck

Largest ever buck to come off the Arizona Strip…

From MuleyCrazy’s Ryan Hatch…

Long and short of the tale is the buck was nicknamed hoodini by Tory Brock. For the last two years the buck has escaped many hunters due to thick pinion and junipers and the vast country in which he roamed. 

We have several trail camera photos from 2007 and 2008, and both Tory and I have spent a fair amount of time looking for Hoodini and his sheds with very little success. 

This season a trail camera photo in eairly July showed us that the buck was still alive and even bigger than before. I would have guessed a 230 to 240 type of buck. Once again Hoodini pulled his magic and disappeared for over 40 days. 

The governers tags started on the 15th and we had planned to scour the country to refind, or locate Hoodini when just like that he came to water again allowing a second view, and at a month later the growth was staggering. Tory and I both thought the buck would gross score 285 inches with 12 points on both sides. Well, as it turns out we were wrong, in a good way wrong. 

The buck hit the water a second time three days later and the rest is history. We knew at that moment it was now or never as I don’t know if the buck would ever surface again. Some hot hunting, a ton of excitement, a couple of huge lucky breaks, and Alan Hamberlin ancored what is the largest buck to come for the Arizona Strip, EVER! 

Hoodini is a buck like I thought I would never see in my lifetime. 41 Inches wide, 15 by 16, and gross scores 322, yes322! The frame is 31 inches wide and a whopping 234 gross on the main frame alone. The mass was 26.5 and 25. 

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